Steam Community :: Gotham Knights

Posted: October 21

I’m a fan of the Batman games and the characters, but this game is rough. The movements are contextual and stiff. Trying to get the characters to do what you want is a challenge. For example, you can’t just jump, you need be next to something you can jump over, or rather something the game wants you to jump over. You have to fight the camera and there’s no enemy lock on. The controls are so limited sometimes that it feels like a mobile game.

I’ve seen 40-120 frames so far. I have a pretty decent computer 2080ti, ryzen 7 3800x, 16g ram, and I’ve installed to a ssd. I’ve lowered graphics to low and 1080p, but I still can’t get a constant 60. Hopefully the devs patch this later. At this point I would have refunded, if I had purchased from Steam.

Overall, if you want to try it, buy from Steam so you can refund if you want. If you don’t care about performance you’ll probably enjoy this. I’d recommend waiting for performance patches and some quality of life improvements though.

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