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Posted: July 31

This has been the most miserable gaming experience I’ve ever had.

There is NOTHING to match, in all of gaming, the frustration of having a great product – a great piece of ART – play horribly, stuttering nearly on-beat with the game’s music . . . simply because it’s an inferior, un-optimized port of a game that’d *literally* run more consistently on a Playstation 3 than on a 2022 Alienware Aurora Ryzen 10 system.

Is it the AMD chip? is it the RTX card? does it MATTER? why’s this for SALE?? why does this still come on SALE, without a WARNING for this TRIPE???

shame on you Rockstar, shame on you STEAM. this is beyond pathetic and embarrassing for you both, though I’d bet you’re not feeling it, because why bother? It’s 2022 now, go buy some newer game.

nevermind this is still for sale, still ADVERTISED as being ON sale, totally unrestricted by a warning for the fact this hardly runs at all.

♥♥♥♥. THAT.

A disgraceful display by all parties, especially me, I guess, since I’m the fool for not knowing better.

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