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Posted: September 30

Mixing intense depictions of grief with romantic subtext is a risky idea, and the title of this VN makes it sound more like a meme game than something profound… But honestly, for such a short story, it’s surprisingly impactful and well-structured. The beginning, with Elle, the protagonist, visiting the grave of her father and venting about the struggles she faced after he was gone, does not seem to leave much space for anyone else contributing to the story. Still, the (slightly forceful) way Lucia inserts herself into it and the way she interacts with Elle make for a really interesting reading experience. Their bonding over the experience of loss, the interplay between long-term and fresh grief, the uncertainty they both face… All are very well conceived and presented through believable dialogue. It’s also worth mentioning that despite the incredibly heavy topic, the tone of all the endings is warm and hopeful, with the optimal one being incredibly sweet.

It doesn’t hurt things that the game is absolutely gorgeous and that the art is well-complimented by the simple, sombre soundtrack. Overall, it’s a high-quality package with the main limiting factor being the length – under an hour of reading to explore all dialogue options and possible conclusions. However, not every story needs to be long and Graveyard Girls absolutely succeeds in what it tries to tell within its short form. As a free game, there’s really not much to complain about here and the only thing that limits how much I recommend it is the consideration of whether you can handle its subject matter. If you feel like you’re in the mood, absolutely give it a try.


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