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Posted: July 22

Awesome experience!

Take some of the realistic aspects of Gran Turismo (5), mix those with the arcade approach of Forza Horizons (4 or 5) and then mix that with some of absurdness found in Burnout Paradise and you’ll get a good idea what Grid Legends is all about!

I played with all of the titles I mentioned above and while you will not get any “this being better than that” comments from me I do want to state that Grid Legends deserves its place amongst those other titles because it manages to add something which the others don’t have… a very entertaining mixture between simulated and arcade gameplay.

For example, the way the AI can make mistakes or worse: completely break down or crash is something you don’t see happening in those other titles, not like this. But there’s more… what about hitting the curbs too hard and then ending up with your 2 wheels in the air? With a little luck you’ll be able to correct yourself, but if you’re not careful then this can have some serious results.

Another important difference is that races don’t always have to be clean, and if there are collissions then things can get really heated up. First the collisions appear a lot more realistic to me, cars can literally spin out of control or get into bigger accidents. But better yet: other AI drivers can actually become mad at you and thus turn into a nemesis; a driver who is out to get you. Meaning that if you approach them they can even move out of their line to try and block you, or worse… Tick someone off hard enough then this rivalry could even carry onto other races too.

A cheesy (but fun!) storyline

The story is simple… team Seneca has a problem because the co-driver for their star, Yume Tanaka, turns out to be a complete doofus who can’t even keep their car on the road. So that’s where you come in: once you managed to get the attention of the Seneca scout you’ll soon be part of the team.

You will unlock extra contents as you complete challenges such as making sure finish above a certain position, and you’ll also earn credits for doing so. These credits can then be used to buy upgrades or new cars.

But wait! There’s more!

Apart from story mode you can also follow up on your own career in “Career mode”; this allows you to participate in a wide variety of race types and events. From the classic laps on a circuit, a “point to point” race on a larger track right down to time trials and even demolition derbies!

Ever wondered what could happen if you were to combine trucks with open wheel racing cars and then maybe also add some GT racing cars to that mix? Well, Grid Legends can help you find out šŸ˜‰

It’s not all perfect though…

Although really entertaining this game does have some issues. For example I’ve experienced a few sporadic “crashes to desktop” (“CTD”) which I cannot explain. But there are also little things… during story mode I manage to score one victory after the other and yet the story keeps pounding over how hard things are for the team and how bad things are going. Making me wonder… “excuse me?”, I’m writing up victories and somehow this doesn’t affect the team?

Speaking of which… things also get a little weird when you start playing with your own team in career mode because one moment you’re part of Seneca, the other it’s suddenly your own team which prevails.

Small things for sure (apart from the sporadic crashes) but weird nonetheless.

Summing up…

If you’re into racegames then this is most definitely something to consider. A huge selection of cars, a large variety of circuits, tracks and areas to race through and you’ll find tons of action here.

Ever been in a race where you see your car literally falling apart piece by piece? Yah, that’s another thing which you can experience in Grid Legends.

Two thumbs up from me!

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