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Posted: September 19

Hello mobile suits pilots / operators / gundam miesters / riders!

Here some info on the release and a small reviews ”at the bottom”.

Just a reminder to everybody going into panic ATM. A lot of people start to post about an ERROR 503. You’re not having issues with your PC or the game itself. The developpers simply allowed us to pre-download a part of the game prior to the official release of the game.

Here is the explanation about it:

Developers Bandai Namco has confirmed that the Gundam Evolution release date and start time has been set for Wednesday, September 21, 2022, at 7pm PDT / 10pm EDT / 2am BST.

Now for the reviews!

After over 100 hours between PS5 and PC, I can tell you that i’ll most likely spent a few hundreds on it. Obviously being a fan of the IP have a strong influence on my perception, but stay with me. For starter, there is ATM only 3 modes.

Point Capture: You and your teams will push toward points to capture once in attack and once in defense. There is nothing that will change gaming history, but plenty of fun. The one who managed to push further win!

Domination: This might be my favorite mode! Objectives points will be made available on the maps while changing from time to time to spice thing up and avoiding total domination ”hehe see the bad pun?” allowing teams a chance to counter attack. The first team who win two rounds win.

Destruction: I think this might be considered a regular terrorist planting bomb from CS. You’ll have team who defend and team who plant the bomb. Like i said there is nothing major to it, but you’ll get use to it very fast. I saw lot of people trying to simply frag the opposite team leading to defeat so don’t be greedy and play objectives.

Now talking a bit about the mobile suits. While this might be a problem, there is a lot of of ”unbalanced” mobile suits. For me it’s not about not being good or else, but some units obviously pack a bigger punch and learning the controls will be crucial. Give yourself a chance and don’t be scared trying them. While the tutorial is made to be played with the mascot RX 78-2, you’ll end up doing just like any heroes based FPS. You’re not locked under a specifics unit. Switching will be the key to victory. Some maps aren’t optimized for some mech since they’re pretty wide and other will be more focused on close fight. Be aware of my bud Barbatos from Blood Orphans, If your let him get too close of you he’ll manage to smash you pretty hard and used ”don’t know if he was nerfed” to be able to smash most mobile suits using his G-Maneuvers and skill to kill you with no mercy. Tho he’s NOT the most OP and can be easily counter if a team is well cordinated. See him like a dangerous wild dog if you roam alone and don’t let him get too close. Pale Rider or GM will most likely one of the best models to start with to learn the basics, but they’re far from being the one you’ll want to use in the end.

I sure hope you guys will enjoy this game just like i did in the CB, right now let’s be patient and brace ourself for the official release! I’ll be there huinting you with my best boy Sazabi and Asshimar! Big love y’all!

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