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Posted: August 5

OK so, this game… man I have and addiction to this game. First things first, I love Rogue-Like/Lite games, I played probably hundred of hours of TBOI outside of steam , and Hades is a heck of a Rogue-Like (Clarification: I’ll use Rogue-Like to refer at this game even tho it’s rwchnically a Rogue-Lite because I can and I want to).
Ok so let’s actually talk about the game: the first thing I noticed when started playing was the absurd amount of different currencies the game has for every single thing. At first, I thought it was really complicated, but once you play for a while you get used to it, and I must admit that having so many currencies is actually a point in favor of the game, if it had only 1 or 2 you would have to be more carefully on what you expend it and imo that would have been annoying.
  Then there is the infamous problem with the Rogue-Likes, and that is making the player feel like they didn’t waste their time in a run without accomplishing a thing. Personally I feel Hades does this great thanks to it’s Characters and it’s HUB. And that’s because this game have 2 clearly different phases: The one where you fight enemies and get stuff, and the one where you talk/flirt with people and spend that stuff you got. Idk how, but this game seems to have infinite dialogues because every single time you talk with a character they have something completely new to say.
  Another problem this genre of games has is the feeling of boredom after repeating the same loop, which Hades solve by having, not only 6 different weapons, but also a reason for you to change between them. Also, the thing I just said about dialogue helps a lot here.
  The art-style is awesome and really pretty to look at, I must admit that I don’t know a lot about Greek Mythology but I really like how they interpreted the characters, not only visually but with their personality too.
  But of course this isn’t perfect, and I have some complaints about it: I must admit that I had a hard time enjoying the Voice Acting, it grew on me eventually but at the start I didn’t like it. With that said, I’m really impressed on the VA’s work. As a complain at the gameplay, I must say that this game suffers from something another Rogue-Like suffers too, I’m talking about Wizard of Legends, and how both of this games have an environment so destructible that, at the same time, gives you almost nothing after destroy it. There are so many jars in the game that you can break, but won’t give you anything in return. I know that it’s probably really difficult to balance this, but I think that they could give really small amounts of certain currencies (im talking like 1-10), and yes I know some jars do give you coins, but they are really weird when you have jars in literally every single room of the game.
  Now with all this said, I really recommend this game, I played a lot and I plan to play way more.
So, if you like Rogue-Likes, this sure is a game for you, 9/10  Ambrosia Bottles

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