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Posted: October 3

ORIGINAL POST = 11-25-2021.

So, I decided to check out for a bit Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice (PC/Steam).

Almost an hour in or so. This is a really draining, strange, intense, off-putting, and off-the-wall experience, to say the very least. A lot of interesting stuff going on, as there’s constant chatter in Senua’s head – a Pict Warrior, who you play as – as she has all kinds of voices in her head….and it’s constant & non-stop. The voices are in constantly in her head…telling her info on puzzles, telling her stories, giving her advice, and reacting to what the player’s doing (as Senua). She also sees rune symbols and other weird stuff…and can use that to solve puzzles, open doors, and learn more about history & Lore here.

The game is visually gorgeous & a vicious feast for players’ eyes to say the least, especially now w/ new features of RTX & DLSS, both which were just added very recently. Of course, I’m running this game with both RTX & DLSS On here. Combat feels very unique & really good here, despite often feeling like they are coming with the combat sequences itself & enemies right out of nowhere, just like the voices that are often in her head. I should note I’m playing this with a Xbox for Windows USB-based gamepad, BTW. I’m having no problem, running this at 1080p60fps and all maxed-out with both RTX and DLSS on, here on my PC. BTW, this PC is loaded with a 10700KF; 16 GB RAM; and 8GB VRAM-based RTX 3070.

More to come, when I play some more.

ADDENDUM = 10-03-2022.
Finished-up Hellblade finally, after playing it here & there, on & off and all. So, it was really good. While some of the puzzles with the rune line-ups felt like similar to the old-school adventure games with pixel hunts, as you could be there trying to find that one pixel – or in that case, that perfect alignment here – of runes to advance and get past a puzzle.

Combat in this game is also really good, when it’s there. It feels and plays really well, once things go down – and even more so later, when you get more enemies later on & also have the Focus skills that can do special things in combat. Everything here is well-spaced out w/ narrative/Lore, puzzles, and combat – and this is all provided you don’t get stuck on a puzzle and/or combat section, which can be a bit frustrating at times. But, once you get by a tough part or a puzzles – it’s great to get by it. The narrative & Lore is really good in this game – as you, the player, who plays as a warrior named Senua – is trying to challenge the Gods & bring her husband back from the dead, all while she’s dealing w/ her mental-health issues…of voices constantly talking to her.

It took me about 16.4 hours – and in the end & in the grand scheme of things, this game was really good & is a very easy recommendation…especially if you love narrative-driven, Lore-driven, story-driven games like this. This is a really good linear action/adventure game with a unique twist to it & really good combat – and the game’s drop-dead gorgeous to boot, too.

Definitely worth playing.

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