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Posted: May 29

Neptunia that wanted to try the Fire Emblem approach with Disgaea-lite mechanics and failed to make it fun.

Starting with the good, the story is not terrible. But it is repetitive to get to the root cause of all Neptunia antagonist intentions. Characters have their own appeal and stand out from each other. Chibi artstyle is different/cute. Great CG and side character content to embrace.

If someone wants a simple strategy RPG game, this game can be for them. But they would be missing out on the fun and serious puzzle thinking from something like Disgaea.

Onto the bad, the game has the worst pacing and the skip options are not enough to make the enemies/characters move, attack, buff, or heal fast enough. Even longer when they get EXP for every move (even items) and a level up cutscene. Turns take too long as every enemy action is accounted, it’s not all at once.

Map designs are awfully made. It has more ‘do this game mechanic’ instead of doing the fight. Such as moving boxes, going onto carts/platforms, or simple movement within a map full of traps, or long hallways. You spend more time dealing with simple stuff than attacking enemies.

Technical/Port issues, this game can crash if you alt-tab to and from the game. Alt-tabbing from fullscreen puts it into window mode, have to change it back in options. Steam Achievements are unlocked AFTER you close the game.

The developer put certain sections of the game to auto move the mouse after half a second. Which is annoying as some end-game grinds take a while, and you could mis-click a mission window or skill use/movement.

For a casual playthrough, it will take 30-40 hours. For end-game/100% achievements, it will be about 70-80 hours of the awful lily grind is.

Please get Fire Emblem or Disgaea instead.

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