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Posted: September 8

A Heartwarming Bite-Size Delight

Gastronomic, purrfectly portioned puzzle snacks by Mama Cat

Inbento is a relaxing, wholesome gastronomic grid puzzle series. Players help Mama Cat make nutritious meals for little cat as they grow up. Epicureans will recognize some mouth watering tiles. For starter, there’s salmon, radish, tamago (japanese folded eggs), spinach gomaae (Spinach Salad with Sesame Dressing), tomatoes and more. Each level has 9 puzzles laid out on 1 page. Each page unlocks a new puzzle mechanic, a new bento box theme, and a cute cat story cut scene unfolds between Mama Cat and her child.

Bonus: It’s currently on sale for $1 until Sep 12,2022!

Low key, all chill no thrill, moderately challenging later puzzles, kids friendly, no adrenaline rush, no heighten sense of accomplishment. Might make you hungry.

Bento Box Grids

  • Goal: Switch your tiles with the given tools to match the finished bento box
  • Starts from super easy until midway when it gets more challenging (vouched for by friends too)
  • Gradual introduction of new mechanics include things like rotate, switch, swap out, and copy
  • Also available on platforms including mobile phones and Switch

Some of my overall Positive experience

  • Cute, wholesome art about cat family
  • Smooth and responsive
  • Fun to unwind to before sleep. Others may play this during droning, unimportant meetings and conversations
  • Great price point – can go on sale for a buck

Other Potentials

  • Music is cute and captures the story but very repetitive
  • Could maybe include tile mechanics glossary for people with short term memory
  • Potentially nice to have a steps log for players to undo or undo up to a specific step.

Recommended for all ages puzzle lovers who wish to practice some multi-steps spacial awareness. Depending on the level, you can pick it up to unwind before sleep or something to do on the side.

Note – Thank you to my friend nigiri emoji for correcting my spelling error. My hours include multiple AFK hours and are not reflective of the duration of game

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