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Posted: September 19

Early Access Review



English version below (using Google Translate)

It’s still early access, so I’m looking forward to future developments, but if you’re hesitating to buy it, you should pay attention to the following points.
・You can’t change the settings such as graphics.
(It is not possible to change the resolution or V-Sync, which may interfere with play. *There is a community post that the video will be played at double speed on a 144Hz monitor.)
・The sound and operation method are incomprehensible
(Although it says that it uses a commercial simulator, it doesn’t sound like a real train, so I feel quite uncomfortable. Also, the operation method is unique, and it is different from the operation method of the free train simulator called BVE Trainsim, which is used in Japan. , quite perplexing.)

We expect the following features to be implemented in the future.
・Anomaly response
(Since there are signals that instruct emergency stops on real routes, I would like to deal with them.)
・Weather change
(Currently, we are driving in fine weather, so please simulate worsening weather conditions.)
・Addition of other companies’ lines
(I think it’s difficult because it’s a JR East train simulator, but I think it would be even better if you could drive other companies’ lines such as the Tokyo rinkai kosoku tetudo Rinkai Line and the Sotetsu Line.)

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