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Posted: July 28

Well, I played the game as soon as it was released on the PlayStation 4, and I was very impressed with it. The game is very wonderful. The story is beautiful and the graphics are very beautiful at the time of its release. The most beautiful thing about the game is driving and modifying cars, in addition to the distinctive atmosphere that it contains. The game is very distinct from the rest of the games Rarely do I find a post-apocalyptic game that has such perfection

Also, the great freedom that the game gives you is very balanced and really makes you feel that you really live in this world, I used to play it with my older brother as soon as it was released, and I was eagerly waiting for my turn to play it, and now I play it on my PC alone,

The game contains some flaws, but the features overwhelm it, one of the most important flaws is the world, yes the world, the world is big and beautiful and it has different areas for sure, but it lacks content, all you will find in this world are camps or bases for bandits and war boys only!, I wish there was more content and not duplicated in the world and I think this would have been much better

Also, the idea of ​​having a base for your allies and roaming the world looking for resources to upgrade them and in return for upgrading them, this base will provide you with the materials you need. this is a great idea, but the only problem with it is that there are 4 bases and all of them need the same upgrades, and all of them are upgrading in the same way, if the upgrading were different and the method of it was different. It would be better, or at least if they made Each base specializes in something, or there is one base of your own that you can upgrade and it will help you also, it would have been better

Other than that, I think the game is excellent, well worth a try, the main drawback is the content is a bit low

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