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Posted: June 1

Despite being a Dragon Age fan i did not play a single Mass Effect Game from original trilogy. I didnt have a particular reason for it, it just didnt happen.

Not long time ago i was looking for something to play and friend told me that Mass Effect did a pretty decent remaster of the original series and its a great way to experience this story from the start. So i decided to give it a go and…
To be honest, i consider this one of the best gaming buys in my entire life. It took me 110 hours to complete all 3 and it was amazing run. Worldbuilding, characters, music, choices that you made and how it affects the story – top notch. Gameplay is also fun and overall it was a great experience. Im definitely going to play it again on hardest difficulty in future. Probably not once 🙂

10/10, would recommend

P.S. Jack is the best girl

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