Steam Community :: Muse Dash

1. [MUSE RADIO FM103] is now available! It includes five new songs. An increase of humidity is detected. Please stay calm.
2. [MUSE RADIO FM103] comes with a special welcome screen. Purchase the music pack to unlock it. The MUSE RADIO fan club now has more activities (`・ω・)
3. A new illustration of Part-Time Warrior Rin on Labor Day has been added. Play songs and unlock it by levelling up (ゝ∀・)
4. Adjusted the levels for the Easy and Master difficulty of [Smile-mileS], as well as the level for the hidden sheet version of [Doppelganger]
5. Adjusted the visual effects in the Hard, Master difficulty and the hidden sheet for [Doppelganger]
6. Fixed the audio stuttering issue on some Vivo devices.
7. Optimized the Fever scoring mechanism.

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