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Posted: May 31

This is a complete masterpiece. They improved everything from Portal 1 and added a lot more content, especially the brand new co-op.


As the name suggests, you create portals for solving puzzles and getting over obstacles. Since only two are present at a time and on certain surfaces, it limits our options and we need to think of a clever solution. In Portal 2 they added a lot of new mechanics to the puzzles: lasers, force-field beams, gels that increase your jump or speed, and much more. It adds a lot of complexity and increases the variety of puzzles this game can offer.

Now there are tons of stuff to do in Portal: singleplayer, challenges (if you want), co-op, and even workshop maps for both single-player and multiplayer. I was surprised that many community maps are on par with the original campaign, and some of them even have their own steam page.


One of the elements they really pulled out nicely is the story. It is now very deep and a lot more is revealed about the lore than in the prequel. You get to meet funny new characters that play a huge role in the plot along with GLaDOS. In addition, when I played Portal 1, it felt that most of the game was all about puzzles. Now, a lot is going on in every chamber. Each dialogue and action make you feel the story’s progression, and add a lot to the atmosphere.


Absolutely wonderful. You can really see how their improved engine works at its best. The water reflection, high details, and ariel’s perspective really make this game look realistic. In addition, the level design looks fantastic. What I love the most is the combination of green plants and a ruined environment.


That feature alone makes the game worth even at full price. It is completely separate from the single-player in both story and maps. In co-op, both players must think, since there are puzzles that require them to be in separate positions. As a result, every player sees only part of the solution and their partner the complementary. Communication and coordination between the two-player are the keys to success.


The single-player and the co-op can be completed in 10 hours each, and adding the workshop it can go to infinity and beyond. Portal 2 succeeds in every aspect and is truly worthy to be called a AAA game. I never write it in my reviews, but for me, this is really a 10/10.

My advice is to get Portal Bundle even at full price.

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