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Posted: November 1

Red dead redemption 2. I don’t know where to begin! First of all the game is a masterpiece and is easily the best story rockstar have produced yet.

Story: the story seems simple enough from the outside but when you play the game you will find yourself immersed in the games amazing storyline and character, as the main protagonist Arthur starts as a brash, arrogant outlaw to an honourable character, and the side story of other missions are phenomenal.

Graphics: This game has easily the best graphics of any game rockstar has produced and arguably some of the best graphics in history.

Combat: the combat is amazingly balanced, as you can take the stealthier approach with knives and tomahawks and a range of melee and throwable weapons, or you can blow up everything in sight, the gun mechanics are amazing, the shooting feels very comfortable and has been polished brilliantly.

NPCs: this is one of the best parts of the game. The npcs generally act in a normal fashion and live out the days of those who lived in that time, it creates an amazing environment that fits the given time period it was set in, you can interact with anyone on the street and create conversations and build a reputation with individuals in the town.

Honour system: This system ranks how honourable you are among citizens and different levels unlock new equipment and perks. My favourite part about this is how cutscenes and the actual finale will change in regard to how honourable you are and even in game characters talk differently about you if you’re more honourable or a lot less honourable.

Conclusion: this game is a must have, it is the perfect game for anyone who loves any type of game because it is so diverse, it doesn’t matter if you like learning about your character or just shooting people, I guarantee you will enjoy this game!

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