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Posted: June 10

Make no mistake: the environment isn’t interactive, it’s mostly there to set a majestic mood while leaving just enough visual cues to push you forward. This game is far from clever, and the puzzles are about as hard as they were in the recent remakes. But they’re enough to make some players feel clever, and that’s all you can ask. And the backdrop for these simplistic puzzles almost never gets old to tour. Outside of the village and the castle, the story takes you to the expected tropes of past Resident Evil titles, but plays with your expectations enough to keep it engaging and surprising.

A mercantile system also returns in the very large body of the Duke, who lords over the proceedings with a watchful eye.
After buying one of the many upgrades for your weapons (which persist in future playthroughs), the Duke will cheerfully tell you to “have a wonderful adventure.”

The game is the narrative sequel to Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, picking up the story three years on. Ethan and Mia are parents now, trying to live out the wholesome family dream. It doesn’t take long for the action to kick in though as Chris Redfield interrupts the happy family and Ethan finds himself wandering into the terrifying hellscape of the village.

Whilst ‘village’ is the name of the game, you are not confined to this one location. It would be fair to say that the village is just the centre of this complicated and intricate world and the game does guide you in the general direction of the story, but you are also free to explore, and you are rewarded for this exploration.

– Open-world Resident Evil works well and is complemented by fun optional content
– Remarkable graphics and sound design create a new immersion benchmark for the series
– Face-twisting horror plot with some seriously sinister sequences

– The story looks the part but doesn’t explore its most interesting ideas



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