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Posted: June 25

Not really my type of game, but it would be unfair not to recognize its merits.
This really is a puzzle game, where you’ll spend most of your time thinking “where am I supposed to go next?” and “what am I supposed to do now?”, all while having to backtrack to your deposit boxes because, despite the game being all about picking up items, you only have 8 inventory spaces, or 6 depending on the character you pick. Personally, these are elements I absolutely dislike in videogames, and this one is built exactly around those things.
However, it must be said that the atmosphere is very good, and the pre rendendered scenarios achieve amazing visuals at very low PC spec requirements. It’s also very satisfying when you manage to figure things out, but then you’re met with another chore to solve, a bit like a threadmill of tasks that goes on and on until the game is finally over. The story is very predictable and there’s nothing amazing about it either.
So, after bashing the game so much, why do I still recommend it? For one, it’s a window into games of the past and how the games we have now were built on these foundations. Also, as previously stated, the way this game makes you get stuck in a creepy mansion for hours trying to figure out what to do is exactly the point, and in that way, it achieves its goal of being a character trapped in a hostile environment, trying to get out.

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