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Greetings all!

We’re back with our second post-v1.0 patch for Rogue Legacy 2. This update focuses on difficulty balancing to help people reach deeper NGs a little faster, as well as quality-of-life changes for improved overall playability. And of course we’re topping it off with a bunch of bug fixes. It may seem like an eye-popping number of issues resolved, but they’re mostly rare scenarios that inevitably crop up with a game as intricate as RL2. This patch also took a bit longer to release because the team will be taking a hard-earned break after this, and we wanted to make sure everything was as stable as possible before we packed our bags.


Unfortunately some players are still experiencing intermittent crashes, and we’ve been working our hardest to address it. It’s a tough bug to splat completely because it’s looking to be hardware-related, and even worse, the cause is coming from two different places. The good news is we do have some solutions.

  • If you are playing on an Xbox Series controller, please update your controller’s firmware through the Xbox Accessories app. There is a known issue with the Desktop Windows Manager and the older firmware that will cause an assortment of programs to crash (not just RL2).
    *A big thank you to the community for pointing us in the right direction on this one.
  • The other cause appears to come from incorrectly overclocked GPUs and overheating GPUs. Please try disabling any overclocking options in your GPU driver software, and to help with overheating we have included a new Limit Max FPS option in the Graphics Settings.
  • Still randomly crashing? Don’t forget we have an OpenGL graphics API to help mitigate this. In order to play the OpenGL version, in the game’s Launch Options (found in the Properties on Steam and in your Account Settings on Epic under Additional Command Line Arguments), add the following line: -force-glcore32


  • It’s a Wild World: As you venture deeper into the depths of Rogue Legacy 2, the challenge expectedly creeps up to match. What we didn’t want though, was a sudden wall of difficulty that gamers slam into and could not overcome. That appears to be the case for some of the later biomes, so we’re taking another look at biome difficulty scaling. The Sun Tower is now more forgiving with easier to hit (and harder to get hit by) windmills, reduced platforming struggles, and a sweet gold bonus. The Pishon Dry Lake is also now brighter, and enemies that are dashing towards the player off-screen are highlighted with an icon similar to incoming projectiles (no more cheap shots!).
  • More Quality, Better Life: A lot of great suggestions from the community have been made regarding how to improve the overall feel for RL2. And while we can’t get everything requested in, we did try to include some major ones, like playing music while paused, mouse-clickable pause menu tabs, more leniency when contact damage is disabled, and right-stick menu movement when shopping.
  • The Balancing Act Continues: We’ve put all systems through the ringer with this update, and almost nothing has been left untouched. Along with the biome improvements, we’re tweaking Traits, Economy, Skills, Relics, and more. It’s nothing major, but coupled with the quality of life additions we’re hoping this goes a long way towards better playability in general.
  • Wand vs. Gun: While we were happy with the power levels of the Gunslinger and Mage when Rogue Legacy 2 released in version 1.0, we couldn’t help but feel we could improve their play rates. Oftentimes players would choose easier classes that dealt similar damage, so we’ve bumped up their numbers and added more utility to their kits to match their complex playstyles.


QOL changes to the biomes to help smooth out the difficulty curve.

NG+0 Easers
NG+0 Easers are special behind-the-scenes modifiers to help make your first run through the game a little easier. More than half the game only becomes available at NG+1-7, so we can reduce difficulty a little bit across the board without breaking game balance.

  • Reduced NG+0 Enemy Max HP in Castle to Cave from (95% -> 100%) to (94% -> 96%).
  • Reduced NG+0 Enemy Damage in Castle to Cave from (90% -> 95%) to (90% -> 92%).
  • Fixed an issue where NG+0 Castle damage mod easer wasn’t using the correct value (95% enemy damage reduction instead of 90%).

Sun Tower
Now grants a +20% gold gain to those traversing the Tower (similar to Axis Mundi).

  • Windmill hitboxes updated to make them easier to spin kick and easier to dodge.
  • Prime Hazards update: Removed the explosion damage, and fixed an issue where their body hitbox (what you can hit) was not linked properly and was instead using the hazards hitbox instead.
  • Reduced platforming difficulty in a few of the rooms.

Pishon Dry Lake

  • Community: Increased the light radius from the Sun Lantern by 6%.
  • Increased the light radius without the Sun Lantern by 8%.

General Rooms

  • Removed the ceiling spikes on those “spike death hall rooms”.

Fairy Rooms

  • Community: Updated one of the Fairy challenges to remove the timer, and add more explicit rules as to what the player needs to do.


The Mage is super, super strong. In fact, in terms of raw DPS it’s #1, and has been for a while. But similar to the Bard, this class’s learning curve is misleadingly steep. So we’ve gone and re-tinkered the Mage to make them more flexible, while also helping direct player towards their appropriate playstyle.

Passive (BIG Buff)

  • Mana Burn now triggers on weapon attacks AND spin kicks.

Wand of Blasting (BIG Buff)

  • Now applies SpellBreak to enemies struck by the explosion.

Minor changes to make them more reliable in the Pishon Dry Lake.


  • No longer destroys breakable props or platforms the player is standing on when attacking upward. The blade SHOULD still strike inside the player (for people playing with No Contact, or are running a Boxer).

Gunslinger (Minor Redesign + Buff)
So, there was a bug with Makeshift Explosive where players with super high FPS could trigger 2 damage ticks with it. That’s actually cool, so we’ve revamped the ability to make it standard while also giving it some additional buffs elsewhere.

Pistol (Buff)

  • Skill Crits on last bullet count raised from 8 to 10.

Makeshift Explosive (Redesign + Buff)

  • A second explosion now triggers after a short delay. Both explosions deal damage, destroy projectiles, and generate bonus Mana.
  • The first explosion knockback is reduced, while second explosions knockback is increased.
  • Projectile clearing window increased from 0.25 seconds to 0.45 (due to the double explosion).
  • Magic Damage Scaling increased from 150% to 165% (double hit damage increased from 300% to 330%).
  • Still has 2 charges.

Dragon Lancer

Lance (Buff)

  • Dash charge time reduced from 0.55s to 0.50s.


Lute (Buff – Community)

  • Note Explosions (from spin kicks) will now apply Status Effects like Amaterasu’s Sun.


  • Community – Void Beast Byarrrith, Halpharrr and others: No longer deals contact damage while doing their cannon attack.
  • Community – Void Beast Byarrrith, Halpharrr and others: Now have a delay to their leap attack (damage only activates after they’re slightly in the air).
  • Community – Lamech: Gravity Well no longer makes his body count as contact damage.
  • Community – Final Boss: During the “throw” attack, the body no longer triggers contact damage (but the swipe still does).


  • Combative (Buff): Health reduction changed from -30% to -25%.
  • Bookish (Buff): Health reduction changed from -30% to -25%.
  • Diva (Community – Buff): Base Gold multiplier raised from 50% to 75%.

Trait Retitling (QOL)
The tagline to Rogue Legacy is “anyone can be a hero”, and it has always been our intent to represent Traits in a fun and positive light. And although our goal was to come up with playful ways to expand the conventional idea of a hero, we understand we don’t always hit the mark. And so we will be replacing the following Traits with more light-heartedly named ones.

  • Osteogenesis Imperfecta renamed to One-Hit Wonder.
  • OCD renamed to Minimalist.


With so many Skills to choose from in the Manor, it can be understandably overwhelming for some players. To help direct players into more optimal purchases, we have added a recommendation tag to the following Skills:

  • Mess Hall (VIT 1).
  • Fashion Chambers (Equip 1).
  • Repurposed Mining Shaft (More gold from Traits).
  • Study Hall (INT 1).
  • Arsenal (STR 1).
  • Foundry (Armor 1).

Repurposed Mining Shaft (Bonus gold from Traits – Buff)

  • Level requirement reduced from 24 to 18.

Institute of Gastronomy (Bonus Int Scaling off of food – Buff + QOL)
In late-late game, Lifesteal and Soulsteal outscales the meat health drop. Buffing Gastronomy should help keep it competitive.

  • Fixed an issue where the math was multiplicative instead of additive.
  • Raised INT scaling per level from 2% INT scaling to 4% (raises health gain from meat from 200% INT to 300% INT).


Architect (Buff)
Making the Architect a little more approachable and a little less greedy.

  • Removed the +10% additional fee on first lock.
  • He will now only take a maximum fee of 70% of all of the player’s gold.


Heavy Stone Bargain (Buff)

  • Community: Now only adds 1 additional Spin Kick stack to Electric Lute instead of 2.


Final Boss

  • Community: Added a collision delay to large cross attack to sync spawn animation with hitbox.

That Other Boss

  • Community: Tweak to Prime version to help reduce false positives of [redacted] Masterpiece.


Ore and Aether (Buff)
More Ore and Aether to play around with. These changes will mostly be felt as you get into NG+1 and beyond.

  • Increased base drop rate of Aether from Fairy Chests.
  • Increased base drop rate of Ore from Silver and Gold Chests slightly.
  • Increased scaling of Aether from Fairy Chests moderately.
  • Increased Ore scaling from Chests slightly.
  • Increased Ore scaling from Commanders slightly.


Fast Attack Indicators (QOL)
Certain enemy attacks that dash/jump towards the player will now display a warning indicator when performed offscreen.

  • Fireballs now display a warning indicator when dashing from offscreen.
  • Flying Swords now display a warning indicator when dashing from offscreen.
  • Certain Skeletons will now display a warning indicator when jumping.

Sword Knights (Nerf)

  • Reduced damage across all T1/2/3 variants.



  • Community: Added the ability to toggle music when the game is paused in the game settings.
  • Community: Implemented Right stick functionality to all shops. Right stick can now move the scroll bar up and down so that you can view entries in the shop without needing to select them.
  • Added Limit Max FPS option in the Graphics Settings.
  • Community: Fixed issue where the input when selecting a Teleporter felt very laggy.

House Rules

  • Each active Burden now increases your House Rules difficulty rating. Stack that difficulty modifier!



  • The tutorial sequence has been slightly rejiggered to introduce House Rules.

Death Screen Hints

  • Additional Death screen hints have been added to the game.

Lineage Screen

  • If a gold modifier exceeds 100%, it will now sparkle.


  • Improved visibility of ice projectiles.
  • Improved visibility on poison bomb spell.
  • Adjusted scale of Wisp enemy dash telegraph effect.
  • Updated the icons for Paranoid and Exploding Gasket Syndrome Traits to match the colour of the explosive potions in the game.
  • Adjusted red text colour on the Architect window for readability.
  • Adjusted orange text colour on the Player Card right page for readability.


  • Fixed an issue where you were getting a special item near the end of the game earlier than you were supposed to.
  • Added some missing Dragon Lancer SFX.
  • Fixed Sword Knight geometry clipping during swing attack animation.
  • Fixed colour trail trait rendering on top of some enemies/characters.
  • Fixed Study string light glows not aligned in certain rooms.
  • Fixed bug where Incandescent Telescope’s Indicator would disappear when entering tunnels, world, or new biome.
  • Fixed null ref bug when loading a save file that had Incandescent Telescope’s relic.
  • Fixed null ref bug that would occasionally come from the ProjectileManager when closing the application.
  • Fixed bug where player was able to die in the Rebel room.
  • Fixed bug where Pirate cannon balls were not triggering critical damage when hitting a frozen enemy.
  • Fixed bug where after reaching past a certain part of the end game, the player could no longer trigger dialogue sequences with Ladon unless they entered a new Thread.
  • Fixed bug where Player would lose their armor if they had a fully stacked Coeus shell, and exiting a healing tree room while triggering an auto-save.
  • Fixed bug where entering the Castle with Traits that modified your max Health or max Mana would not be visually updated correctly until autosave kicked in.
  • Fixed bug where cancelling the Duelist’s Saber attack with a roll, followed by cancelling the roll with another Saber attack would sometimes result in the last Saber attack not properly executing.
  • Fixed bug where bouncing off Crescendo’s roses as a Rock Star would sometimes not give the player the Charged bonus damage.
  • Casting any Talent that requires aiming now awards the player with the Duelist’s Charged bonus damage only after the ability has been executed, rather than while aiming.
  • Fixed bug where entering a new room while pre-charging the Dragon Lancer’s attack would disable the charge visual effect.
  • Fixed bug where Hypercoagulation was not triggering for any scenarios where the player’s Max Health was increased (for ex. Demeter’s Trial).
  • Fixed bug where player could still switch Pause menu tabs while the Confirm window was visible when exiting or restarting a Scar.
  • Fixed bug where the Heart on a player that was Disattuned would disappear if they defied death.
  • Tweaked Spoon hitbox to fix issue where it would sometimes bounce against a door rather than break it.
  • Fixed issue where Dragon Lancer would sometimes trigger their grounded state multiple times in a row while attacking if vsync was disabled.
  • Changed Pirate’s Cannon swing attack so that it only triggers House Rules Aim slowdown when aiming, rather than for the entire attack.
  • Fixed bug where the ending message that appears after beating the game only shows the fully complete text if you’ve seen the true ending during that run (true end must be completed one more time for this to properly fix itself).
  • Fixed bug where item drops that were forcefully magnetized to the player would briefly stop then start again once hitting the player’s magnetize range from Runes.
  • Recoded how damage modifiers are applied to persistent projectiles like Hephaestus’ Hammer attack to fix a number of issues.
  • Fixed bug where you could earn the knockout effect and achievement by spin kicking a boss or dealing retaliation damage after a whiffed knockout attempt.
  • Fixed bug where Incandescent telescope indicator was still visible in the Victory screen after beating the game.
  • Fixed bug where forcing the controller display type in the graphics settings was not updating the icons in the gamepad config settings.
  • Fixed bug where the Pirate ship could get stuck in the corners of Tubal’s boss room.
  • Added some missing credits.
  • Fixed bug where Tubal’s one-hit summons could get health back if they had the blood Burden.
  • Fixed bug where special rooms in the Tower would sometimes not be marked as complete after being beaten.
  • Fixed bug where exiting to main menu while being attacked by Tubal’s automatons in the Pishon Dry Lake would keep their SFX playing.
  • Fixed bug where attack queuing could cause the Assassin to attack immediately after casting Cloak, causing it to break out sooner than players wanted.
  • Fixed bug where attack queuing could cause the Astromancer to attack immediately after casting Comet, causing it to break out sooner than players wanted.
  • Fixed bug where casting Knock Out on certain bosses while also triggering their mode shift, could cause the game’s Time Scale to get stuck at 0.
  • Fixed bug where pressing the unequip button in the Enchantress UI while at 0 equipped runes would not cause the button to jiggle.
  • Fixed bug where the pirate ship could get stuck in certain grates, resulting in the player clipping through otherwise impassable geometry.
  • Fixed bug where Will’Os and Slugs would make their idle noise in Fairy Rooms that hadn’t been activated yet.
  • Fixed bug where enemies that previously appeared in Fairy Rooms would have their status icons invisible until you left their room and re-entered.
  • Fixed bug where enemies that previously appeared in Fairy Rooms would no longer trigger their Shield Banner, Curse, or Flamer status effects.
  • Fixed bug where entering a boss door with the Hero Complex trait would display a healing amount, even though it doesn’t heal you (now it displays 0.)
  • Fixed bug where getting a potion with the Quenching Rune and the Hero Complex trait would display a text popup saying you restored X health, when you don’t actually heal. It now says 0 HP.
  • Fixed bug where getting a potion would not display the “Ability Ready!” popup if you had the Skill Tree unlock that refreshes your Talent cooldown when getting a Mana drop.
  • Fixed bug where teleslicing while small could sometimes cause the character to go through hidden walls without destroying them.
  • Fixed bug where Burn status effect would sometimes tick damage one time too many.
  • Fixed bug where Poison status effect would sometimes tick damage one time too few.
  • Added new grow/shrink SFX for Nightmares.
  • Added landing SFX for Aerodynamic Downstrikes.
  • Fixed bug where hidden Fairy Rooms were displaying Fairy map icons while you were in other biomes.
  • Fixed bug where if you were dashing and an earth shift platform was returning to its original position, it would not teleport you to its binding stone if it collided with you.
  • Fixed bug where if you activated a local teleporter and touched a cloud at the same time, clouds would no longer teleport you to safety after damaging you, allowing you to clip through them.
  • Fixed bug where you could interact with local teleporters after touching a cloud while you were invincible, leading to a glitched teleport animation.
  • Fixed bug where the “Jack of all Trades” and “Truly Blessed” achievements on Xbox were flipped; meeting the conditions for one would unlock the other.
  • Fixed bug where Study terrain was visible on the very right edge of the final binding stone room.
  • Fixed bug where you could see outside the bounds of the final boss room during the intro cutscene.

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