Steam Community :: Sakura Succubus 6

Posted: July 11

I bought this game on day one. I never buy games on day one.

To quickly talk about what you’re interested in if you’re buying this game (and assuming you have already played the first five), I would say it does a great job. There are only (slight spoilers) 2 scenes with Stephania and one of those includes Elizabeth. While I think the quality of the scenes hasn’t diminished all all since the first game, it is a bit disappointing that there was so little with the newer cast members.

Like Sakura Succubus 5, this game is on the shorter side. It does take off exactly where 5 left off though. I would say this game is more accurately Sakura Succubus 5.5 to be honest. Of course, there are still the average amount of scenes with other characters so it’s definitely still the same in terms of money’s worth.

Good experience, here’s to hoping for more Elizabeth in the future!

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