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Calling all Mechanics!

The Challenge Mode update is finally here along with a bunch of other exciting additions!

Initially, our focus was just to wrap up Challenge mode. However, we ended up adding a lot more than that. We ended up with a much bigger and better update that we hope has something for every kind of Mechanic.

Here are a few highlights from this update:

Challenge Mode
10 new challenges have been added, for a total of 50. Complete them all and unlock a very special Stuntman outfit that will prove that you have the chops to be a true Scrap Mechanic.

Bots in Challenge Builder
Give your custom-made challenges some more oomph with the new Character Spawner part. Spawn bots inside the Challenge Mode and create your own tailor-made shooter or any kind of challenge you can come up with!

Survival Tutorial
If you’re new to Scrap Mechanic, you might have trouble coming to grips with Survival mode. With that in mind, we have put together an onboarding experience that lets you learn the ropes that’s both fun and easy!
The start of the game now includes a series of quests that teach you the basics, as well as the new Builder Guide part that helps you build a basic vehicle from start to finish.

Ragdoll simulation for knocked-out characters has been greatly optimized. This makes big bot raids run a lot smoother when a lot of them ragdoll at the same time. We have also worked on character collision detection, in order to further improve the game’s performance.

Improved Mod Support
We have worked on greatly improving Mod support, so Modders can have a much wider range of options and possibilities than ever before.
Our goal is to allow you to pretty much create your own games within Scrap Mechanic. To show that off, we went ahead and made our own little mod, called Scrap Mechanic Golf. To play it, download it from the Workshop. Then, head to the Game Mode selection and click the new Custom Games button in the upper right corner!
What are you waiting for? Get out there and hit ‘em straight!

Scrap Mechanic Golf

Also! new Mods by talented Mod creators are already starting to show up on the Workshop.

This time we would like to highlight Raft Mechanic. A really impressive mod with quests, new parts, tools, and more! If you enjoy Scrap Mechanic and Raft, then this is a great mod to check out.
Let’s give these skilled creators some love!
Raft Mechanic

Enjoy Mechanics!

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