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Posted: July 4

i went into this really wanting to like it, but it’s just so severely unfinished. there’s broken visuals all over the place, and despite that the performance is terrible. the enemies are by far the best looking part of this game, everything else is just so bleh.

gunplay is fun and generally the combat is enjoyable, but it never reaches any highs the rest of the series hasn’t already surpassed a long time ago. (except the combine harvester bit, which is the highest point of the game imo) also there’s levels where you have invincible companions who deal plenty of damage, and take all the aggro of enemies off of you. making the combat just, pointless. you can get through entire levels of this game without firing a single bullet, and it’s not even that hard to manage that in one particular level where you have like 5-7 companions. that one had me so bored i nearly shelved the game right there lol.

also, the story is just atrocious. it is an embarrassment. there are characters introduced constantly, all of them completely one-note, and they all disappear as abruptly as they showed up. there’s some good lines from sam, and occasionally even a bit of enjoyable banter between him and some other characters during levels, but every single cutscene is just irredeemably dull. honestly all the good dialogue is stuff during gameplay, everything else is awful.

a couple levels are also MASSIVE with literally nothing in them. one of them is practically skyrim-sized, it’s insane lol. (if you wanna see for yourself, here’s a video that highlights how needlessly-big it is pretty well ) this game as a whole is just severely unfinished, but the focus on such a boring story doesn’t help much even if it were fully-featured, tbh. so even if it had all the time it needed, i’m honestly not sure i can say it would have turned out worth it.

this is the only mainline entry in the series i’d say is absolutely worth passing on. Siberean Mayhem is in this exact same engine, and is a billion times better. just play it instead. game SUCKS i go to BED

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