Steam Community :: Spirit Hunter: Death Mark

Posted: May 30

I can’t in good conscience recommend this game.

First, the price is absolutely ludicrous. I was willing to pay like 20 euros for each part of Spirit Hunter (Death Mark and NG), even though I found later that they’re games like from the PS3 era. Later, I just stopped thinking about them. Then I found a 6-dollar offering at a (Steam partner, not grey market) key page. I grabbed it.

The game is mostly infuriating to play, due to the clunky mechanics, especially for exploring. Know that it can be easily cleared with a guide, so if you want some filler game to grab the achievements, it hardly gets easier than this. However: you have to play through it twice to get every achievement. And, after all of that, is the story meaningful? Is it a good horror game? I found that no, it wasn’t. And you can skip it with no guilty conscience of having let go of a masterpiece, or even a good game. Because this game is as nice as every other game- it’s not outstanding in anything. A whole playthrough lasts just 10 hours, too.

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