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Posted: May 31

Product received for free

As a lonely fox we travel through a world affected by a disaster and filled only with a remnants of civilization. Our only companion is a spirit fox, guardian of the Northern lights, who is now leading us deep inland, where we will find the source of the cataclysm. Even though there is no imminent danger the journey isn’t going to be easy. Luckily our guardian spirit will help us to overcome many obstacles standing in our way.

Spirit of the North is a fox walking simulator with an occasional platforming. The game is pretty much linear and even though you can “explore” and run freely around, there is still only one route for you to go and only one way to solve the “puzzles”. The puzzles consist mostly of you harvesting energy from flowers, reaching some unreachable place and powering up a mural, door or some secret stone to be able to progress further. With new abilities new kinds of puzzles await you, so you can properly enjoy them. 😉
Solving the puzzles wasn’t difficult, just sometimes hitting the right timing or angle was a challenge. Failing could led to a slight frustration of redoing the cursed section… and it was usually caused by platforming sequences, but I got truly stuck only three times, so it wasn’t any horrible experience.
On your journey you can find old staves laying forgotten in the ruins, you can then take them to long dead shamans and set their souls free with it (you have to find them first though and some of them are hidden pretty well, but at least as you get closer the staff will light up). You get rewarded for your hard work with skins for your fox! You can then change your appearance to your liking. (The way to change your skin was rather confusing for me – when you save enough shamans flashing “P” appears on the screen. It leads to options and there are hidden rewards, tada that’s it, I have completely missed that two times. ^^)

I really liked the colorful graphics and music, both created a great relaxing mood. The fox is very pretty with cute sounds. I enjoyed how he jumped around or moved in the water. The little details – how he dried off when getting out of water, slow motion – was also rather nice. Game saves only on checkpoints, but you can access that checkpoint anytime from the menu. Like this you can replay only a part of a certain level and don’t need to do it whole again. Also you can see where you missed a shaman, which can save you some time.
The game isn’t of course perfect. When leaving water after a long time he will dry off in a locked sequence when you can’t do anything. If you are stuck in the platforming part around water it can be tedious. Not even mentioning that the fox wouldn’t be able to take out the staff from rooms or caves the way he does it. 😉 The world is bare without much to explore (yeah, I know that it was devastated). But I wasn’t disappointed, I have actually enjoyed this calm journey. Story is hidden in the ruins, in the old bones scattered around. Even without words I was filled with emotions.

As a side note, I would like to pinpoint another game with a similar setting, Lumini. I have really enjoyed it, if you would like you can read more in my review. The sounds our guardian spirit makes reminded my so much of my Lumini.

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