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Posted: September 8

first of all the way this game is sold, and strangely the reviews too, are kinda misleading. I was led to think I was going to play a soft souls-lite in the star wars universe with a bit of exploration and some metroidvania elements and truth is it’s heavily a platforming and puzzle game. now i got nothing against these game genres, it’d just be cool to advertise it as such ? so then people who don’t like this genre can just move on ?

this game is hugely about platforming your way around, so it kinda is a shame that it can be buggy at times ( like sometimes your character clearly making contact with the ledge you’re supposed to grab but for some reason doesn’t grab it ) and honestly the level design is pretty terrible.

now i guess the platforming in this game can be fun to people who enjoy this kind of stuff, but really even for them i think it’s quickly going to become a chore : the maps are pretty vast and very intricate AND THERE IS NO FAST TRAVEL ?!? I gotta admit i’d like to know what happened in these guys’ heads when they decided not to implement fast travel from a bonfire to another.
so why is it a problem ? well first because when you get to a planet, the objective is typically on the other side of the planet from where you’ve landed, so if you want to explore and get the extra lore bits, xp, stim charges (and skins) it’s gonna take you quite a while, but most importantly once you’ve completed the objective, then you have to walk (platform) all the way back to the ship, probably getting lost a few times in the process 😀 that’s time consuming and deeply boring.
but more importantly, this game is a metroidvania and there is A LOT of “secondary content” ( that is going to award you those much needed xp and stim charges ) that is locked behind certain abilities, what this means is that you’re gonna have to back track a lot through previously cleared planets. the lack of fast travel i guess is meant to artificially increase the lifespan of the game which i guess must be pretty short otherwise, and it is a total chore, 7hrs in and i already don’t feel like booting the game anymore.

so that was the bad, now the mediocre : the combat. it’s okay. not good, not terrible, it’s kinda okay.

the good : stunning visuals, the scale of the star wars universe is perfectly rendered, the game is totally immersive and that’s quite a feat honestly, few manage to make their games really immersive. didn’t see too much of the plot yet but so far it looks good. the characters and dialogs seem to be well written as well.
honestly i got engaged in the game’s universe and the plot, i’m just not sure i’m gonna be willing to go through the chore that this gameplay represents, that really is a shame.

So i guess in the end it’s one of those times where i’m left thinking “it would’ve been a cool movie, but it is a terrible game.”

I definitely can’t recommend this as a game. if you’re looking for something similar try “control”, it’s a great game that is everything this game is trying to be, except it succeeds in doing so.

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