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Posted: June 21

I just wish this game would get a remaster on a proper engine.
It’s good as it is so it doesn’t require a remake but just a remaster!

Nice Star Wars-feeling and Kyle Kartan is a very good character, even though he now is part of the “Star Wars Legends” since Disney delcared all of that non-canon.

Hey, even Luke Skywalker has an appearance in this game. :/

But well, you still can enjoy this game even if the big companies say it’s not part of the actual Star Wars-canon anymore.

I remember playing this on the PC of my cousin and was so thrilled about, that I even have a retail-copy aside of the Steam-version.

This was one of the first games, which had some proper light saber duels. Never really tried the multiplayer that much, but I heard it’s either a lot of fun to play.

Surely another game which just has a big nostalgy-bonus from my side, but if you can bear the wooden animations and aged graphics, you’ll still have a lot of fun with it.
Clear recommendation!

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