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Posted: June 23

I have had a lot of fun moments with this game over the years. But this game, in its current state and management, is not something I can recommend under any circumstances:

1. This game is developed much more like a pre-release game. The updates will change the game radically. The game as it is today has very little in common to the game that was “released” years ago. It has very little in common with the game it was just 1 year ago. This is not a good thing, as whatever enjoyment you have in this game will likely no longer exist in a year’s time. Every new director put in charge of this game sees it necessary to enforce their “new vision” and alter everything that came before. But this isn’t a pre-alpha, and that level of constant change is not appreciated.

2. This game has never had a re-consolidation period. The aforementioned constant re-engineering of the game has lead to an astounding number of bugs in the game as of today. These have never been fixed. I see no reason to expect they ever will be. The design philosophy here is to keep piling new things on in hopes that no one notices, but if you play the game enough you will notice. Large maps are currently unplayable due to these bugs.

3. This game is absurdly highly priced as a complete package for what the game presents you with.

4. This game is by no means “infinitely re-playable” any more, that is a very old review quote. Much earlier in the life of this game you would have different experiences with every run: different progression through tech, different events, different styles of play for species. Now everything is largely the same. If you play 1 decently long game you will see the vast majority of the events. The tech trees are all identical, as is progression. The variability was patched out years ago.

If you can pick up just the base game at a good discount and play it a few times you’ll get the jist of it. Maybe years down the road when Pradox is done constantly mutilating and re-mutilating this game it can be determine if the finished product will be worth the price. Right now it’s an unstable mess, in every sense.

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