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Posted: August 12

Product refunded

game system and mechanic is quite interesting but gameplay and balance make it boring more

as deckbuilding game it is normal that we will have to start over again and again but it’s quite boring if nearly half of cards we could use in each run are starter cards which put in just small keyword for each type of mechanic (we start with 1x starter cards and over a run, we’ll get about 10-20 cards at most) and starter cards are bad enough to make you struggle with weakest mobs if not carefully play, have to lose not small health with medium hard mobs and near gameover or no hope against strongest mobs

so most choice in a run are avoiding fight until lucky enough to get strong card which going around weak mobs, rest (change card’s border or recover), shop (add and remove card) , event (pool of event is small so it’s quite repetition), treasure (1/3 chance to get strong card) so from all steps that take in each run we’ll have a fight less than 1/3 even through battle is a most fun part of this game (battle pace is quite enjoying)

overall I think it’s still good enough to enjoy to pass time so I won’t give negative recommend but since it still lack some fun compare to other good deckbuilding games with a price that is more pricey than those games, I still choose to refund it

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