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Posted: September 19

My Score: 9,5/10


A long time ago, the people of Dahna lived peacefully in their world, minding their own business and their own culture, being able every night when looking at the sky to see another planet very close called Rehna, which they believed to be the resting place of the souls of the departed. But one day all that changed, when spaceships came from the neighboring planet and began a brutal and rapid conquest, thus making Dahna, with almost no chance of resistance, fall into the hands of Rehna’s conquerors, and this happened three hundred years ago. ^^

Now three centuries after that tragic event, the world is divided into five kingdoms each focused on one element, and each controlled by a lord of Rehna who, along with his or her soldiers, does as they pleases with the local people who are seen as slaves expendable, to be able to produce as much energy from the element of they realm as possible, in search of becoming the next leader of Rehna. Such practices obviously do not please the locals of Dahna who have tried to unite in resistance groups, but this has always failed, at least until now, where in the deserts of the kingdom of fire a person appears, with white hair who say he feel no pain, and who has no idea how important it will be to change the balance of the scales. ^^

+ A very interesting story from its first act, with a wide variety of things, whether it’s focusing on the main story while watching the group members change and learning, or doing smaller activities like fishing and cooking, but also showing more of the world and the characters.
+ Very charismatic cast, all the characters that make up the group have their own stories with their bitter memories of the past, but also several fun moments which some made me have a good laugh.
+ Fluid combat, easy to understand and a lot of fun, with each of the characters having a useful power against certain enemy tactics.
+ Beautiful graphics, maybe not so much in the first two kingdoms, as they use much the same colors a lot due to geography, but from the third the beauty of the world becomes much clearer.
+ Good music and sound effects, along with excellent work by the people who voiced the characters.
+ I liked the mini-games like fishing and finding all the owls, I find them very fun.
+ I started to like owls a lot more after this game.

– I felt that in terms of DLC, it left the game a little unfair, as not only do we have DLC that allow you to level up characters immediately, but many other DLCs that include items that, for example, reduce the prices of items in stores or increase them as much as possible. that we can have of healing items, making the game easier, but only for those who buy the DLC.
– The story from a certain point starts to have several twists and mindblown, I personally liked it, but I don’t guarantee that it will please everyone.

Game mechanics

And so begins the journey of our group of heroes, in this adventure in RPG style where we have to travel and explore the five kingdoms and beyond, fighting to bring freedom and beyond back to the people, but that won’t be easy, because each of the lords is very determined to win the competition, and using any means they think is valid for that, includes sending several soldiers and the most diverse monsters to try to stop our heroes. ^^

Which leads us to the most diverse battles, where as we advance in the story and release new characters, we can use them in battles in a more action RPG style, where we can control one of the characters of our choice, while the AI controls the other characters, thus allowing the characters to fight together and make devastating combos. In addition, each of the characters has a special ability that not only deals a lot of damage, but can also be very useful against certain enemies or their movements. ^^

Art and sound

Produced by the studio BANDAI NAMCO, I must say that I really liked the graphics, a friend of mine had already praised it before and I confirmed it, especially from the third kingdom, because in the two previous ones, due to particular issues of the kingdoms, there are not so many variations in colors and in architecture, but from the third we see a greater variety of colors and greater variety and creativity in constructions. As for the soundtrack, I was also very satisfied with the music and sound effects, but mainly with the excellent work that was done with the Japanese voices, mainly because there are many lines, both more serious and tense, as well as lighter and fun. ^^


I must confess here that Tales of Arise was not the first game in the Tales series that I started, but it was the first game that I completed the entire story, and I must say that I was very satisfied and looking forward to future releases in the series, as well as to return to other titles in the series to complete them. So Arise is a game that I highly recommend to everyone, because I had so much fun with the main story, which always made me want to see more, as with the other activities, like trying to catch all the fish, becoming like this, in my opinion a great recommendation to everyone. ^^

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