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Posted: November 13

People say its one of the best fighting games out there currently, but this game sucks dongers, sorry to say it.
Unless you want to invest ridiculous amount of time studying the game.
Facts that make you not want to buy the game:
The playerbase online is really toxic, especially on steam
The port is really bad, it crashes if you do anything during loading like using steam overlay or alt tabbing, and just crashes a lot in general ontop of unstable performance.
NO ANTI-CHEAT OR REPORT SYSTEM, i’m dead serious….
The online is a joke, basically only ranked mode to play and netcode is bad. With the toxic community ontop its really not an enjoyable experience.
Singleplayer content is really REALLY bad, i can’t even describe it.
DLC sucks, paying for characters is P2W since you can’t practice against them without owning the DLC, also frame data DLC…
Rude and non-verbal game devs, they just tend to their world tour thing and balance around the results of the pros there, one of the big reasons online is so bad now…
Mashing buttons is pretty fun and effective in this game, fun if you new or like that.
Local versus with friends can be fun, since its way less toxic and you can actually learn the match up along the way with the friend.

Overall i spend way to much time on this game, since i love Tekken and 7 was better at launch, (except netcode) but unless you are a FGC diehard yada yada i wouldnt buy this, there are better products more fun and enjoyable.
Also if you buy the game anyways, use the DLC unlocker since the game has no anti cheat anyways.

Take care.

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