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Posted: September 22

As a huge terminator fan it more or less hit the spot. There were some moments of sheer terror bringing back my youth when I watched the movies as a kid having taped it on VHS at 11 years old without my parents knowing using the recording timer.

Music on point, sound effects on point, graphics and atmosphere refreshingly and surprisingly good.

The AI is dumb as a post and easily outsmarted, wandering around lost like Joe Biden doing a speech level of stupid, like if the rise of the machines means these dumb robots… we don’t have to worry at all… Despite that, they generally made the story line and side stories work well enough with the stupid ass robots…

I liked that the storylines helped to create the apocalytpic terminator world seen from the good movies (The originals).

The world is semi open world, it at least creates the illusion of being open world’sh.

It has some nice references to the original movies easter egged through out the game.

It feels a lot like fallout meets half life 2 meets terminator vibes.

I will remember this game for giving me frights where I swore from getting such a fright that I started laughing afterwards at how absurdly scared I was to verbally swear and thus frighten my partner and son.

“Daddy got scared by the terminator son”

“Whats a Terminator Daddy?”

“You’ll find out when judgement day comes son”.

Great work from the developers, now….make it 4 player co-op, left for dead style please and thanks

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