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Posted: September 12


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6 / 10

The Almost Gone is a tragic and melancholic puzzle game that is definitely not for everyone.

I would actually give the game a neutral rating if I could. Nevertheless, I decided to give it a positive rating with a few less stars because I really liked the game and the puzzles. However, I would still recommend you, if you are interested in the game at all, to read through a few of the other reviews, explicitly the negative reviews, because I believe that the game is only suitable for real point & click fans who also like puzzles that require a lot of thinking and the story can also be of secondary importance.
Or you can just try the demo version where you can play the first chapter.

An interactive point & click brooding adventure in an initially pink world
If you can get involved with the game and the reduced design, you can expect a tragic and graphically reduced life story of a girl in five chapters.
At the beginning you explore the house where the girl grew up. The pink rooms, which are small dioramas, can be rotated in all directions. An essential function of the game, since the different perspectives only reveal further small details or puzzles that are relevant for progress. Even though the controls of the game are relatively simple, I had a lot of fun figuring out how to get to the next room. The environmental puzzles used for this are very well coordinated and intertwine with the story.

The pastel pink tones at the beginning become increasingly dark and threatening as the game progresses and you only gradually learn something about the tragic events of the family. The story is, I personally would have found it much more interesting without the sometimes cryptic fragments of history, exciting and leaves a lot of room for interpretation.

However, that’s my subjective opinion and as far as the story goes, they differ quite a bit.

The further the story progresses, the more often you have to cross the sometimes barren rooms and repeat certain things several times in order to progress, and the circumstances of the protagonist are consequently connected with the environment and the puzzles. Sometimes it can be really lengthy and annoying to be sent through the same rooms over and over again until you finally find or combine the right item to progress. But as long as you remain curious and can absorb the increasingly dense atmosphere of the game, it makes up for it all the more.

And in case you really get stuck, you can use the walkthrough linked in the game that is available for each act or this Guide.

In addition to the music and effect settings, the menu also offers the option of changing the rotation at the push of a button and adjusting the in-game text size from 100% to 125% and 150%.

The achievements work flawlessly and most of them are obtained in-game. Unfortunately, there are one or the other pointless achievement that you can still do without much effort. Check out the achievements beforehand.
There are currently no trading cards.

Review date: September 12, 2022


โœ… Simple art design
โœ… exciting story
โœ… good game mechanics
โœ… interesting puzzles

โŒ too much backtracking
โŒ partly fiddly controls



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