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Posted: November 18

I’m enjoying the story so far, and the new gameplay elements are neat. However, during my 5 hour session with a friend (we are playing together in ‘Share a Story’ mode) it is one of the buggiest, most broken experiences I’ve had in a long while.

Animations/cutscenes cutting short or not playing at all, interactables totally breaking the character camera and requiring restarts. Controlling your light source being impossible (if you have to explore a dark room half the time your source will face directly at the ground, nullifying it), puzzles clearly not being built for KB/M and showing with horrible controls (took us over 5 minutes to do a puzzle that should’ve taken 1, due to bugged controls), and the overall netcode being so laughably bad that, on multiple occasions, we have had completely different results/cutscenes play out from within the SAME EXPERIENCE. We literally had completely different story results playing at the same time!

This is all ontop of the fact that it took us nearly a full hour to debug the problems with the game on launch. Incorrect resolution, HDR on by default, mouse not registered on the screen properly, etc. Imagine trying to sort through settings, that keep resetting, while not being able to correctly click the buttons nor see half of them due to the screen res being bugged, and the time taking to apply being over 10s every time due to HDR/fullscreen.

Now, outside of the bugs, the game really isn’t that bad! Fun, campy story, good characters and the new gameplay is a really nice touch to the game. Hell, even the solo mode might be okay. My only complaint here is that, in similar fashion, it does seem a little undercooked. (Some scenes skip sporadically, animations don’t seem complete at times and there’s clear moments where facial animations are just completely gone (thought that just may be another bug!)). Although, these issues are way easier to overlook and really don’t impact the experience as much.

Just wait until they update the game or until it’s on sale, especially don’t buy it if you were planning to play the ‘shared’ mode with a friend, unless you have a high tolerance for insane bugs it just won’t be enjoyable.

EDIT: Just for further clarity on tastes/expectations, I really liked the previous dark pictures games, even found Little Hope not that bad, and this game really aint an exception if you like that style of campy fun-horror. It’s purely just the bugs/lack of polish that bring this one down.

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