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Posted: October 20

You asked for my thoughts when I beat the game, Bloober, so here they are. Graphically, the game is pretty throughout most of it, so long as it’s not bugging out, but jesus christ it performs terribly. There’s no reason an RTX 3080 and 5950x, both overclocked should be getting sub-20 fps in many of the split screen sequences, with ray-tracing OFF and DLSS enabled. The story feels unfocused, it lacks polish in so many areas, but worst of all is the gameplay. The vast majority of the game is a walking simulator, with occasional puzzles to break up the tedium, but man are these puzzles easy. They’re not particularly engaging, difficult or clever, even RE2 remake does it better and that still pales in comparison to dedicated titles like Talos Principle, or better puzzles in survival horror games like Silent Hill 1, 2 and 3. The music is mostly just ambiance that does little to accentuate the mood, there’s nothing really scary here, I don’t know what anyone could see in this. It’s extremely bland and forgettable, and it seems in the ambition to have a graphically intensive dual perspective game, they forgot to make sure the core foundation was solid as it fails to build on its own bones in any satisfying way. Even the conclusion seems to be sequel bait, I can only hope any potential releases are better, whether they be a Medium 2, or the ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ Silent Hill 2 remake.

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