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Posted: August 17

This game is going to be great for those of you with loose buttholes. I personally had my sphincter clenched so aggressively while playing this game I required a lengthy surgery to un-clench it just so i could go number 2 again, and even after the surgery require daily sphincter loosening medication to ensure I can continue to go number 2. My advice while playing this game is to use some sort of device to prevent yourself from getting this rare medical condition known as lock-sphincter, and maybe play with the lights on with a children’s movie playing so you don’t either have a heart attack or a stroke.

All jokes aside the game is really good, it does hold your hand a bit unlike games like Visage which also gave me lock-sphincter, the inventory menu is a little bit annoying but once you get used to it is fine, the story is interesting and conveyed well, very well implemented horror elements with dark and unique visuals. If you’re a fan of horror games or need a reason to get out of work the next day or just need to tighten your butthole up, give this game a go.

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