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If you haven’t yet experienced The Quarry for yourself, you can get a taste of the horror that awaits with the new Free Trial on Steam, available now! Simply click “Play Game” on “Free to Play” version on The Quarry Steam Store page to get access to the full Prologue chapter plus the Wolf Pack multiplayer mode.

Introduced in the July 7 update for The Quarry, Wolf Pack is an invite-only online multiplayer mode supporting up to eight players total. One host player can invite up to seven friends to help shape their run, as everyone votes together on key decisions. If you have a friend who owns a full version of The Quarry on Steam, they’ll be able to invite you to their Wolf Pack even if you only own the Free Trial!

We hope you enjoy all the gratis scares included in The Quarry Free Trial. Remember, what doesn’t kill you will make you stronger.

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