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Posted: May 23

Words can simply not describe how much I love this game, but will certainly do my best:

Characters – Existing characters such as Geralt, Triss, Ciri, Dandelion, Yen, Keira (plus Shani and Regis for the expansions) have been utilized brilliantly from the source material and used so well in the world the game has created, and boy what a world it is! The characters I previously mentioned are probably the ones that stood out for me the most, but to be honest there are so many brilliantly constructed characters (even minor ones like Bart the Rock Troll) that I simply don’t know where to even begin… Geralt’s interaction with most them is simply brilliant, and the game has so many amazing, memorable moments because of it (including the famous ‘drinking game segment’ at Kaer Morgen). You also get a logged back story for each character, most of it taken from the books and/or previous games. which is brilliant if, like me, you decided to read the books afterwards or couldn’t be bothered playing through the first couple of Witcher games (although I did get through 3 stages of the original game). It’s obviously more important to have this as there is alot of stuff in the game that needs back story to elaborate on, weither it be a situation or certain dialogue. Oh yes the dialogue, love love love some of conversations in this game. You can tell alot of thought and effort went into it. The character dialogue for the most part, particularly for Geralt is so complex and funny. As it is with certain other characters mind you, but Geralt’s obviously stands out the most

Environment – The graphics and art design for all the environments are simply brilliant, each location had its own distinctive feel and is and absolute joy to explore (I spent about 2 weeks just exploring Skellege’s oceans and vast landscapes)

Monsters/Enemies – Such a huge assorted variety, honestly you can never get bored with the variety of enemies you face. I also love that each monster has it’s own unique methods of quickly being dispelled, and everytime you discover something a description will pop up in the beast log, breaking up everything into different categories aswell

Story – Soooo gooood. Honestly story elements wise, I don’t think any game is going to even come remotely close. Especially given that so many of the side stories actually match, and even sometimes exceed, the complexity and epicness of the main storyline

Combat – Kept interesting through the graphic, stylized fighting and dismemberment. Aswell as the additional use of things like signs and potions. Once again you usually need to use certain combinations of things to kill my monsters more easily, particularly the more defined ‘boss level’ ones

Expansions – BRILLIANT. Hearts of Stone has truely amazing story and character elements. While Blood and Wine does this on a slightly lower scale but adds another beautiful environment with various new enemies to face

So basically this the best I can do to some up how epic The Witcher 3 is. But honestly, just play the damn game!!!


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