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Bright update and announcement of TitTok 3 Sunrise

▪ Music:

▪ Added a brand new track for the main menu of the game. The players informed us that the melody was too active for the game menu – now the music has become calm and relaxing;
▪ The soundtrack for the game will be updated absolutely free of charge immediately after the release of the free dlc – TitTok 3 Sunrise

▪ Complete redesign of the level selector:

▪ The selector has become more convenient and informative;
▪ The basis for the future TitTok 3 Sunrise add-on has been added;
▪ The levels of the main game and the add-ons are made in different styles, visually different, intuitive and appropriately designed;
▪ Redesigned gamepad control in the level selector;
▪ Now there are 50 levels of History and 10 levels of Puzzles on the selector screen;
▪ 10 leaderboards from the TitTok 3 Sunrise add-on are already available for viewing;
▪ 10 levels from the TitTok 3 Sunrise add-on will be available on 11.11.22

▪ Improvements to the main game:

▪ Fixed interaction with the results table at the end of level #16;
▪ Improved and optimized the system of saving for future updates;
▪ After the end of the main Story, the player now enters the level selector. Previously, it got into the main menu;
▪ Boss-level improvements: now you can’t die from traps after taking the key. Traps are automatically deactivated so as not to harm the player;
▪ The hint about the usual Portal at level #8 has been removed. The players considered it unnecessary;
▪ At level #20, the Dog and the Mushroom now receive laser damage;
▪ Fixed localization in the first cutscene;
▪ Redesigned the ending screen, added information about the next game in the series;
▪ Changed the timing of the appearance of the very first hint in the first level;
▪ Technical fixes and improvements aimed at improving stability and performance.

Many other minor changes and fixes:

▪ In order not to overload the news, I will not describe minor technical and imperceptible changes to the eye. But a lot of work has been done these days. Many thanks to all those who report bugs and problems! Thank you, dear players, thanks to you the game is getting better!

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Write about bugs and errors on the forum, I will fix everything: Bugs and other problems

A live support chat with the developer is also available: TitTok Live Support

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