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Boss level redesigned, other levels rebalance, performance improvement!

▪ The “Boss Helicopter” level has been completely redesigned:
• The background of the level has been replaced, now it is more suitable for the story,
• A beautiful level decoration has been produced,
• Improved the display of spawn bombs,
• Added movable elements and dangerous traps.

▪ Level #6 has been completely redesigned, previously players faced high difficulty of this level.

▪ The difficulty of level #18 has been slightly reduced.

▪ Improved timer display and positioning at all levels of the Story mode.

▪ The levels with puzzles have been added a visual display of the numbers of the levels.

▪ The version of the engine has been upgraded to the latest and corresponding to modern standards.

▪ Improved stability and performance.

▪ A lot of corrections, based on the requests of the players.

▪ Improved gamepad control.

▪ Fixed and optimized vibration on Xbox gamepads.

▪ Accelerated interaction with pause on all gamepads.

▪ Visually improved the effect of shaking during explosions.

Many other minor changes and fixes:

▪ In order not to overload the news, I will not describe minor technical and imperceptible changes to the eye. But a lot of work has been done these days. Many thanks to all those who report bugs and problems! Thank you, dear players, thanks to you the game is getting better!

Write about bugs and errors on the forum, I will fix everything: Bugs and other problems

A live support chat with the developer is also available: TitTok Live Support

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