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VRChat 2022.2.2 is now Live and includes our implementation of Easy Anti-Cheat (EAC) as well as Secure Instances.

Please read more in our blog post[].

Since the announcement yesterday in our Discord, we’ve gotten a LOT of feedback from all of you regarding the incoming 2022.2.2 VRChat update that integrates Easy Anti-Cheat.

We are reprioritizing, reorganizing, and changing our internal development roadmap to focus on the feedback you’ve given us.

Let’s follow that up with the hard part: we are going to be releasing this update, and we do not have plans or intent to revert or roll it back.

However, we hear you and see you saying that many of the modified client features that are being lost due to this are extremely important to you, or in some cases allow you to use VRChat at all, when in regards to modifications that added accessibility features that VRChat currently lacks.

Addressing these concerns and feedback is our highest priority. We are changing our internal development roadmap and priorities to focus on the features and additions that you want. Currently ongoing projects are being paused, rescheduled, or re-prioritized, and resources are being re-allocated to account for this change.

In addition to the information we already had on hand, we’ve been talking to VRChat communities and community leaders about the changes and additions that they want most, including speaking to communities focused on accessibility to VRChat. We’ve also been watching and documenting constructive feedback via our typical channels like our Feedback boards, social media, and this Discord.

Our first priority for these changes is addressing several accessibility concerns in VRChat. We’ve got an internal list of improvements we can implement quickly and are fast-tracking it through our production and implementation process. We will be posting more information about those changes tomorrow.

Those changes will not be our last. We have more planned and are gathering more information to understand and address more of your needs. As noted before, we are immediately adjusting internal development to address these changes.

Thank you for your patience as we work as quickly as we can to address your concerns and your feedback. We’ll be back as soon as possible with the first set of these updates, changes, and features.


This release is now live for all platforms.

This release is not network-compatible. You will not be able to join people that have not updated yet.




  • Implemented Easy Anti-Cheat (EAC). Please read more in our blog post[]. Many questions will be answered there!
    • EAC prevents the use of client modifications in VRChat
    • If EAC detects a non-standard VRChat client, the application will fail to launch and display an error. Follow the instructions given in our knowledgebase to cleanly reinstall VRChat.[]
    • VRChat is using the most up to date version of EAC, which allows you to have multiple EAC applications running at the same time as long as they do not launch at the same time
      • Other applications that use older EAC builds like Elden Ring, Halo MCC, or Apex Legends cannot be run at the same time as VRChat. If those applications update to the latest version of EAC, you could run both at the same time. As far as we’re aware, Fortnite is the only other application that has updated
    • EAC is disabled in local test builds of VRChat, so doing local testing of worlds is unaffected
  • Implemented Secure Instances! Please read more in our blog post[].
    • Secure Instances means that instance rules are now enforced on the server side
      • For example, you cannot join a Friends instance without being friends with the owner, and you cannot join an Invite instance without being invited
    • Added “Portal Locking”, which allows or disallows users from seeing and using the portal depending on the rules of the instance you’re going to
      • By default, Friends/Friends+ portals you drop will be Locked! This means that when you drop a Friends+ portal in a public instance, only your friends will be able to see and use that portal! You can still unlock the portal before you drop it in case you want everyone to join
      • Portals to Public instances are always unlocked because anyone can join public worlds
      • Portals to Invite and Invite+ instances are always unlocked because the only person that can join a new Invite or Invite+ world is the instance creator (that’s you)
        • As such, be careful when dropping portals to Invite and Invite+ instances. To remain as private as possible, go to the instance and then invite your friends
      • Added UI to indicate what type of portal you’re dropping, and to swap between Locked and Unlocked when dropping a Friends/F+ portal
    • Links generated from the website can now be Locked or Unlocked
      • Locked Links are generated by default and enforce rules on entry
        • Similar to portals, this is only really sensible for Friends and Friends+ instances. We’ll be changing the default in an upcoming website update
      • Unlocked Links can be optionally generated, but allow anyone with the link to join (kind of like the “Allow anyone with the link to view” in Google Docs)
        • Be aware that once you’ve given out the Unlocked Link, that link can be shared with anyone, who can then join your instance!
      • Old instance links will break, you’ll need to re-make them if you’re keeping an old instance link around


  • Improved the handling of instantiated UdonBehaviours so that they are more stable and do not attempt to do networking or cause errors in the log
  • Implemented a button in the Action Menu that will reset the position of your PhysBones


  • Fixed issues with video players on Linux, which should resolve some video player-related issues on Steam Deck
  • Fixed exploits where FinalIK scripts could be used to crash users
  • Fixed an issue with nameplate text rendering
  • Fixed issues interacting with some Settings in the Main Menu

Known Issues

  • Virtual Desktop Users: Using the Oculus PC version of VRChat via Virtual Desktop no longer works, as it utilizes DLL injection which is blocked by EAC. Please use Oculus AirLink or the Steam version of VRChat instead!
  • Some portions of Secure Instances cannot be enabled until after Live launch, so instance join behavior, friend location, and security features may take a day or two after launch to start behaving 100% correctly



  • Converted DB components will now match enabled / disabled state in-app and in the SDK


  • Fixed Left / Right foot swap during Avatar setup

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