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Posted: June 5

Cant recommend this game. The story is pretty good but its very short and its a good concept however its lacking quite a bit in comparison. My main complaints would be the lack of choices in anything and the lack of clarity or variety in the visuals. Let me explain…

There are 3 endings, one of which is a kind of quick dud ending. The other 2 are proper endings. There are 2 points where you make a choice where you pick an ending at that moment. They are pretty obvious but other than that, NONE of the other choices matter and there is not a lot of them. The visuals, although pretty well done are pretty lacking here. There is one “sprite” used for each character with one or two minor changes to show a few different emotions ie: different eyes, mouth, and arm position. With that there are a few fully done “special” shots that get used at certain points throughout. That’s all fine and good but none of them really seem to convey what the narrator is describing in the scene. The are just really well drawn pictures but they are not helpful. Seems like they were drawn without any real knowledge of the scene itself, just a vague description. The music was a good choice, very calming and set all the moods nicely.

I do wish they could have used more variation in the sprites such as different poses for different actions. Everything here can be fully experienced in 5 hours. Just not really worth it which is kind of a shame because you can tell there was a lot of heart in the drawings and some of the writing. There is just much better and longer stuff that is free. Pick this up if it goes for a couple of bucks if your curious but thats about it im afraid.

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