Crying Obsidian Minecraft

Crying Obsidian Minecraft. Diperkenalkan di minecraft versi 1.16, crying obsidian adalah varian obsidian yang memancarkan partikel ungu dan terlihat seperti mengeluarkan cairan ungu. Crying obsidian was intended to be a block that can change your spawn point, but it was never added to the game.

Crying Obsidian block from Minecraft! blender
Crying Obsidian block from Minecraft! blender from

Crying obsidian fills cauldrons with stalactites in the new caves and cliffs snapshots a source of lava can drip down a stalactite and slowly fill up a cauldron and i think its only fitting if crying obsidian is able to do the same! Minecraft 1.16 introduces crying obsidian! Information about the crying obsidian block from minecraft, including its item id, spawn commands and more.

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