Pokemon Ultra Violet Cheats

Pokemon Ultra Violet Cheats. So i mixed pokemon firered ánd leafgreen, that provided me all the pokemon from the first 2 decades (i just required to add a few generation 2 pokemon that were not in either of the games) well that was not good enough becauseyou still could not total the pokedex. They are rare and in logical locations.

Pokemon Ultra Violet Cheats GBA ROM
Pokemon Ultra Violet Cheats GBA ROM from polmman.netlify.app

It would be silly to find extinct pokemon chilling out on route 14 wouldn’t it. There is a list of item digits further on in this section. Complete pokedex 4202462cffff 0000003c0002 42025ba0ffff 0000001a0002 42028fc0ffff 0000001a0002 this one can be a bit buggy, so make sure you save your progress before you activate this cheat, and i'd go so far as to say save this one in a separate slot if you can until you are sure you have no problems.

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