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22/03/2017 · In addition to regular assignments that you need to submit, you also must do DBAs (discussion-based assessments) with your teacher on a regular basis. This is a quick 10-15 minute phone call with you teacher where they talk to …

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30/07/2019 · What is the best way to submit your assignments? A. Email them to your instructor. B. Fax them to your instructor. C. Tell your instructor about them over the phone. D. Access the Gradebook in the Main Menu.

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You can either upload a file directly into your folder through a sublink under Course Materialscalled the Upload Center, or you can upload it through an assignment. The latter is recommended if the file actually is an assignment you’re submitting for a grade.

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Per state standards, certain assignments must be in the students own writing. Because of this, families must print, scan, and upload multiple completed assignments into their FLVS Gradebook. A and a way to scan and upload assignments is required.

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You should plan your virtual school day the same way. Respect the schedule, and if needed, allow for an additional “period” at the end of the day to finish up any pending assignments. If your student completes all their work in the allotted time, this end-of-the-day period can be study time to get ahead in a class or work on a long-term project.

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18/07/2019 · DBAs are verbal conversation between you and your teacher, but you have lots of options on ways to do this: A live lesson or their virtual office; FaceTime, Google Hangouts, or any other video chat; Phone call; Any other option that you have discussed with your teacher; The main thing is to not be nervous! Your teacher is there to help you succeed.

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You can submit assignments from Google Drive, Dropbox, or another third-party service via your desktop computer in one of two ways: Download the file to your computer and submit as a File Upload. Share the file, copy the file URL, and submit as a Website URL.

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Type in the assignment title and an optional description. To add instructions for the assignment the description is the best place. Click the due date to change it if needed. To add the time Click Add Time of day on the due date that the is due.

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When you go to the gym and work out, your muscles get bigger. Your brain works the same way. When you try challenging assignments, your brain actually gets bigger and smarter. You can grow intelligence. Building brain is like building pathways through deep snow.

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AP Macroeconomics extra assignments. I am taking in AP Macro as a flex student right now, and was wondering if the exam reviews, practice exam, collaboration assignment, and enrichment assesments are mandatory. I took Spanish on last year, and these extra were not mandatory if I remember correctly. Any help would be appreciated.

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