Windows 11 Sound Not Working

Windows 11 Sound Not Working. Meanwhile, if you’re facing the windows 11. I have posted this issue on feedback but no one yet responded nor issue was fixed.

Fix Realtek Audio Console Not Working In Windows 11 Tech
Fix Realtek Audio Console Not Working In Windows 11 Tech from

Few updates back sound blaster do not process sound correct. For windows 11 to function properly, you need to make sure you have the latest correct audio driver. Click the update & security.

In Case Thx Spatial Audio Is Not Working Try Running The Audio Troubleshooter, Follow These Steps:

Use the volume control to bring volume up. After doing so, restart the windows audio endpoint builder and remote procedure call. A lot of windows 10 users have finally upgraded to windows 11 developer or public beta right now via insider program.

The Second And Most Common Reason Behind The No Sound Issue On Windows 11 Is Audio Source Mismatch.

It ruin everything from skype,gaming,listening music to watching movies. The windows 11 no sound issue and other audio issues are usually caused by drivers. Press windows key + r to open up a run dialog box.

From The Left Side Select Troubleshoot.

Check whether the audio output device can receive power or not. In the search box on the taskbar, type device manager, then select it from the results. Check whether the correct output device is selected on windows 11.

To Roll Back Your Audio Driver.

Follow the instructions below to run the recording audio troubleshooter on your windows 11 computer and see if this allows you to resolve the issue: All sounds are going trough centra speaker even setting are set for 5.1 system. Audio service is not running or has encountered a bug

Verify If The Device Status Is ‘This Device Is Working Properly’.

Outdated drivers or missing drivers are the reason for many pc problems. If your soundbar is on a high level, but you still can’t hear the audio, you need to follow the methods below: If i try to use the laptop speakers and microphone, it works for.

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